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Paul Nathan


Paul Nathan shoots fashion and portraits and loves animals. Nathan is also
the author of Generation Ink: Williamsburg Brooklyn, Couture Dogs of New York and Groomed.


Jennifer Cascino


Jennifer Cascino is the founder of Famous Swan Productions, a graphic design and illustration studio. Jennifer has also art directed and designed for Details, Glamour, ELLE, and Architectural Digest.
Illustration and fine art are integral to her design process.


Nadine Rubin Nathan


Nadine Rubin Nathan has written for Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times,
and was also editor in chief of Elle in South Africa. This is her first children’s book.


A special thank you to Teri Thorsteinson, Coco’s “mother” and stylist extraordinaire. Her dedication to Coco – and to any cat in need – is truly inspiring. There is nothing quite as chic as caring for animals.