Cats in Hats

Carol Anne Kendall, the designer behind ZK Hat Couture and creator of most of my fabulous hats....

What inspired you to start designing hats for cats? ZK Hat Couture started out as ZK Cat Couture in 1996 when my black cat Zeus Kendall (aka ZK) purred loudly when my sister put a fleece collar on him that she had made for her Chinese Crested dogs. She was starting to do dog clothes and we played around with fleece hats to match. Zeus enjoyed the attention and I dressed him up with the dog clothes and hats, even though he was a boy cat. I realized that dogs had clothes but there wasn't anything for cats. There was absolutely no one doing hats for pets at that time either. 

 What style best suits cats? It can vary due to breed and size. Cats can wear a wide range and variety of hats. ZK Hat Couture styles come in all sizes and colors. 

Cats are notoriously uncooperative. How do you make sure they keep their headgear on? The ZK Hats come with double invisible elastics that stretch and work very well to hold the hat on their head.  One elastic goes in front of the ears and one goes behind the ears to fit purrrfectly.  

Describe moi as a client You were one of our first and favorite friends. You are so beautiful and could model and walk on a leash and keep up with the dogs on the runway. You are one of a kind and have a definite sense of style.

 Merci! Which hat suits me the bestThe favorite ZK Hat for you is the ZK "Showgirl". It starts out as a basic pillbox style and is built up with tulle, feathers, floral and many types of decor to match your favorite outfits.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.11.36 PM.png

Where do you get your inspiration from for your pieces? My inspiration come from many places. I follow the top designers and watch the current runway shows and what is in Vogue. I am fascinated by the hats worn in the past and pull ideas from famous women and actresses. Sometimes I just get an idea that comes to me and it pushes me to create a special hat.

Of the hats featured in my book, which is your favorite? The cover shows one of my favorite colors and I love to work with feathers. The ZK Hat Couture made to match your black lace dress was a very couture look. The ZK "Pink Confection" hat is so feminine and sweet on you, and the ZK "Ultimate Couture" with beading that you share with Mia is also one of my favorites. I was inspired to do animal prints at that time. I love how it is so beautiful with her fur coloring.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.51.51 PM.png

How much do your hats retail for and where can one purchase them from? ZK Hat Couture has a wide range of pricing depending on the style of the hat and how much is put into it.  A basic ZK Hat can be $38 and go up to just under $100. You can purchase and special order your ZK Hat Couture by e-mail at  The ZK Hat Couture site at can help you with ideas